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I spoke with Sr. Automation Engineer, Christopher Bartleson regarding insight and advice to those in the software engineering industry.

He shared some interesting thoughts, “Although a four year degree is important, I don’t think that it trumps experience and certifications in the automation industry.”’

And he continued, “Be humble and always willing to learn. As an engineer, you can’t be stagnant if you want to be successful.”

Some great takeaways for sure, and most of my clients do agree that it is hard to beat great experience. 

And most of us would also agree, that being humble and eager to grow will always be well received in the workplace.

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Samson Kakos

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Samson Kakos

Samson Kakos joined SCN as a Search Consultant in 2019. Samson is also the Practice Leader of the SCN Software Engineering Group. Samson’s primary focus is consulting with clients and placing candidates within the Software Engineering space, from e...

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