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SCN – Team Talk – Susan

SCN’s Susan Perris has been a pillar of SCN for 12 years years and has achieved industry leading status as a Search Consultant in the Vehicle Electronics space.

Here’s a quick introduction to Susan as she shares a bit about her life prior to SCN, childhood upbringing, MSU for her bachelor degree, and then into the professional world.

Susan also holds a Master’s Degree from MSU, and spent many successful years in progressive roles in the Advertising Industry.

A well rounded professional with a deep entrenchment in the Vehicle Electronics Sector, Susan continues to lead the way for SCN in providing an unparalleled level of service to the clients and candidates in the ever changing electronics space.

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Susan Perris

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Susan Perris

Susan Perris joined SCN as a Marketing Specialist in 2009 and was promoted to Search Consultant in 2010. She was promoted to Sr. Search Consultant in 2013. She is also a Practice Leader for positions within the vehicles space. Susan focuses extens...

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