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SCN – Team Talk – Justin

Justin Misaras has been a stellar performer for many over 9 years with SCN, and we learned a bit about his story in this conversation with Jim Guerrera.

Justin is the premier Search Consultant within the broad stroke industrial products sector, and is viewed as a true partner by the clients he works with.

And he has received several awards within the MRINetwork, including Rookie of the Year, and also he has been consistently recognized as a Top 10 Performer, out over 3,500 globally.

It’s the way Justin was raised, which has helped him grow so successfully in the professional world.

He was the youngest of three children, and raised in a wonderful family here in the western suburbs of Metro Detroit.  It’s where Justin developed his strong faith that he maintains and grows in each day.

He fine-tuned his competitiveness in athletics, with Hockey being his preferred sport of choice.

His Father and Mother were each successful professional role models as well. His father a 40+ year veteran of General Motors, and his mother 40+ years as a registered nurse.

You can view the full conversation with Justin in the comments below.


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