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PPG Industries – A Prominent Global Manufacturing Company

A company that is well positioned for the future is PPG Industries.

Matt Kinsinger shared some great insight with Drew Stoutenburg on PPG, “PPG is largely a coatings company and involved in many business segments including Optical Monomers, silica, dyes, and synthetic paper.  The end use applications include ID Cards Material, passports, O-LED TVs, smartphones, and eye glasses.”

He added, “The future outlook is strong, because of the nature of these end use products, PPG is largely stable and not as much at risk for market shifts as other companies may be!”

If you are looking for a great company with a healthy culture, then PPG may be the place to be!

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Drew Stoutenburg

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Drew Stoutenburg

Drew Stoutenburg joined SCN as a Search Consultant in 2019, with four years of experience at SCN earlier in his career. He is a Manufacturing Practice Leader in our Firm, focusing on the placement of manufacturing profess...

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