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Packaging Sector – Market Activity

I had the pleasure of speaking with packaging sales and operations manager Rodney Aftuck and he shared some insight regarding the packaging sector.

He stated, “There is definitely action in this sector of the economy, especially as it relates to food, beverage, medical, and consumer product applications, as some of the plants are running 24/7.  Some other sectors are not as strong right now though, although we are hopeful for a rebound later in the year.”

What always holds true, is that great sales people are in demand as they know how to find the opportunities in any market.

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Stacey Bernson

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Stacey Bernson

Stacey Bernson joined SCN as a Recruiting Specialist in 2012. She was promoted to Sr. Recruiting Executive in 2014. She is also a Practice Leader for Sales & Program Managment Positions. Stacey's primary focus is recruiting candidates for Auto...

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