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National Engineers Week


With National Engineers Week in full stride (celebrated the third week of February), there is no better time to learn more about engineers and their impact on society. National Engineers week is one of the largest STEM events of the year in the United States and has millions of participants (mainly students) across the nation. Its intent is to celebrate the accomplishments of engineers, technicians, and technologists while also introducing K-12 students to engineering career paths.

The festivities during the week include open houses (engineering companies and organizations open their doors to the public to show what engineers do), award ceremonies, school outreach programs and extensive media coverage.

Not only do I have the privilege of speaking with engineers regularly, I have been able to learn so much about their impact on the world through learning about them personally and helping companies find talented engineers. Their impact on our daily lives range from anything such as the use of our vehicles, phones and appliances to massive improvements in health and wellness.

The world would be a totally different place if there were no engineers, and I for one, am extremely grateful for their impact.

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