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Since the debut of AI and language models to the public, their use and popularity continues to rise. Initially it seemed that ChatGPT, Bard and others were mainly used for questions (similar to a search engine), help with typing, ideas, and other ways to increase productivity.

As the use of AI has progressed, the intriguing applications have as well, and it is now being used for everything from typing an entire essay for students to entertainment to developing code for robotics.

Very recently, Nala Robotics, Inc. has sent shock waves through the restaurant industry by integrating AI into their robots’ culinary practices. This technology allows the robots to create unique recipes, cooking methods, and determine customer preferences. The robots are currently capable of assembling sandwiches, food bowls, pizzas and loading/unloading dishwashers.

The goal is to enhance the culinary experience in restaurants by increasing the use/role of robots in the kitchen and providing data-driven solutions to chefs and restaurant management, all while maintaining the efficiency and consistency of the meal.

With labor shortages in the industry and hygiene being even more important following the pandemic, Nala Robotics’ original intent of making food consistently turned into the goal of providing food consistently with creative recipes and data to reflect on, while doing so in the cleanest way possible.

Nala Robotics runs one of the only robotic commercial kitchens in the United States and is at the forefront of transforming the restaurant industry using AI. Having spent time working in a restaurant growing up, I have mixed feelings about the possibility of robots eliminating dish washers and chefs, but as all industries continue to deploy robotics to maximize efficiency and lower costs, it seems inevitable. After all, a robot doesn’t get sick or tired, complain, ask for wage changes or miss days of work unexpectedly.

Would you dine at a restaurant that has a robotic culinary operation? I would.


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