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Memory Chips – Increasing Capacity

During a recent conversation with Brian Garza, he shared some insight regarding trends in the software space.

He shared, “The size of memory in chips has increased exponentially over the 25 years that I have been working.  When I started, 1K of memory was considered a lot, and now 128K of memory is common.”

Also, according to Gaza, “There is not as much emphasis in writing custom code. I used to start every project from scratch and now most Software Engineers use code generators.  Similar to writing a paper for school, this code serves as an outline to help SW Engineers get started.”

You have to be careful though when using Code Generators according to Garza, “You need to review in detail to make sure the code provided is really what you need for the project, but overall it is a good use of time to use code generators because of the ability to save time, which is money.”

Anything that improves efficiency will stand the test of time in any industry!

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