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Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to become more popular for reasons both personal and professional. As more users and applications of AI are appearing all over the world, constant improvements to how the technology helps humans are being seen.

Enter Machine Learning. Machine learning is a branch of AI that is rapidly growing and getting better by the minute. Its focus is using data and algorithms from different sources to imitate the way that humans learn, constantly improving its accuracy and user interaction.

One of the main professions that can benefit from machine learning capabilities are engineers, regardless of discipline. For example, machine learning can help predict the performance of engineering designs before they are built (anticipating any potential problems while limiting costs and time spent on the project), can automate tasks (everything from tedious paperwork and writing to testing code and review, the options are truly limitless), and improve overall quality and efficiency of engineer’s day-to-day work and final product releases.

AI is here to stay, and very few would have the courage or proper sources to debate otherwise, so it is up to us as a society to embrace it to the fullest. Learning AI’s Machine Learning capabilities and incorporating ways of applying it to improve ourselves is a great place to start.


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