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In the present day, job-hopping is prevalent and employee tenures are rarer than ever before. However, there are still individuals in the workforce who care about their life’s work and display unwavering loyalty and dedication to those who gave them their first opportunity.
I recently came across an article about Kip Turner, an engineer at AT&T, who has spent his entire 50-year career with the company. He initially started as a station installer and after being promoted through eight different engineering roles, he is now a Lead Product Development Engineer. Even when he applied for promotions that he did not get, his mindset was to accept the outcome and fully embrace his current role while further developing his skills until the next opportunity for promotion within the company was available.
Kip’s key suggestions for employees and employers to have long-term relationships include loyalty and dedication (to your craft and those around you), adaptability and growth mindset, and companies actually providing the opportunities for growth and genuine care for their employees.
Of course, there are many challenges to staying with one company for a long time or an entire career, but the benefits surely outweigh them. From trust and reputation to security and comfortability to the fact that employees with tenure are now the outlier, committing fully to your role for the long-term can and likely will be beneficial for you and those you come into contact with.

I’d be curious to hear your thoughts on how long one should stay with a corporation (poll) and why (comment).

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