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What do you look for in a job/career?





For me, it is this right here – FAMILY!!!

I love how I have the ability to work from home when the weather is not that good to drive 25 minutes, almost 45min-1hr with snowy roads.

I love how my “office window” has a view like this. To see my kids out playing and being kids all while still getting work done.

When looking for a place, make sure you include what matters most to you when searching.

I have found my forever job and it is all due to the people I work with. From upper management, down to the newest employee. Everyone matters, everyone has a life to live and everyone has a family. I now have 2 families – personal and work.

What is stopping you from achieving this goal?

Whatever it is, just ELEVATE your goals to find what you are looking for/wanting.

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Jon Marshall

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