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iPhone in Review


Being a loyal Apple customer and owning an iPhone, iPad, MacBook, AirPods and Apple Watch, it is always exciting when new devices/technology are released. Most recently, the iPhone 15 was released and as usual, it created anticipation and chaotic scenes around the world (many videos of customers rushing to make a purchase).

The iPhone in general is among the greatest and most impactful products ever made based on sales numbers and ease of use, and Apple is always looking for ways to make it better. One of the most significant updates/changes on the latest release is a new USB-C port (rather than Apple’s usual lightning port), which is a huge step forward toward universal charging and transfer for all devices and comes after the European Union voted to approve legislation to require smart and small electronics to support USB-C charging by 2024.

Other features notable feature upgrades include improved processing capability, battery life, color accuracy and brightness, more slimness physically, and several updates to the camera(s), making it a significant upgrade over its predecessor overall.

The new features can be of benefit to both work and personal life and it will be interesting to see the sales numbers for the phone as the initial release is over.


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