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Generation Z. The debates and conversation on the topic never end. From what age group truly qualifies as “Gen Z” to how those in the group interact with others or live their lives. Regardless, the one thing that can’t be debated, but surely can be discussed, is that Gen Z is entering and already in the workforce.

With employee shortages in industries across the board and companies constantly looking for ways to improve, understanding the workforce can play a huge role in determining success. It’s no secret that there is a major talent shortage, and one of the best ways to combat this issue is to attract and hire younger talent.

Gen Z is by far the most diverse and tech-savvy generation in history, and to attract Gen Z workers, employers need to embrace diversity and inclusion, invest in technology, and offer opportunities for growth and development. If companies can make these aspects of their plan transparent and properly compensate the available talent, the shortage will be on its way to being solved.

Time waits for none of us, and it was inevitable that another generation entered the workforce, and another will follow and another will follow. The best approach when dealing with talent is to treat everyone with respect, be transparent, truly want the best for those you come into contact with and commit fully to everything you do.


Samson Kakos

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Samson Kakos

Samson Kakos joined SCN as a Recruiting Specialist in 2019 and in 2022 was promoted to Client Manager. Samson’s primary focus is consulting with and developing great relationships with clients and recruiting and placing great candidates within t...

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