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Electronics – Trends In The Semiconductor Market

I recently connected with semiconductor expert Aniruddha Kolarkar regarding trends in the semiconductor market, and he shared some interesting insight.

Aniruddha stated, “During this difficult economy, only 2 things are really gaining momentum: gold and semiconductors.  Why are semiconductors growing? Because as vehicles switch from gas to electric, companies need more semiconductors.”

He continued, “The semiconductors are not just going into consumer vehicles. They are going into fleet vehicles, trucks and even golf carts.”

Aniruddha elaborated further, “EVs are improving significantly. Instead of being able to go 200 miles, they can now go 400 mile just from a single charge. It’s a very exciting time to work with semiconductors!”

It’s safe to say, that a bet on growth in the semiconductor space, is as good as gold.

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Susan Perris

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