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Detroit History


Advancements in transportation and construction have come a very long way, but like everything, they had to start somewhere.

This photo was recently shared with me, and it’s safe to say, it’s historic! The first mile of concrete highway laid in the United States.

Then called The Pontiac Road (present day, Woodward Avenue) between 6 and 7 mile road in Detroit, MI.

To think this photo resulted in the present highway system consisting of numerous concrete highways that allow us to travel the entire country with ease, it is almost hard to comprehend.

Technological advancements surely played a role in enabling the construction of the highways, and the jobs created from these projects were significant.

In the present, jobs are still being created for the maintenance of these highways/roads and more amazing improvements to roads are on their way, for example, roads that charge electric vehicles while driving on them.

The history, present day, and future of transportation and highways is not only fascinating, but something we should all be grateful for.

If you’re ever in Michigan, be sure to visit the First Mile Marker on Woodward, which acknowledges the achievement of the first concrete highway.


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