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By Jim Guerrera / September 14, 2021

SCN – Battery Industry Insight

SCN has made a conscious decision to become deeply entrenched within the battery space. In this video, a…

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By Jim Guerrera / April 8, 2021

SCN – Team Talk – Matt

SCN’s Jim Guerrera and Matt Hannah sat down for a chat in the SCN Insights Studio in Novi,…

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By Jim Guerrera / March 10, 2021

SCN – Team Talk – Justin

Justin Misaras has been a stellar performer for many over 9 years with SCN, and we learned a…

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By Jim Guerrera / February 24, 2021

SCN – Team Talk

Dan Ramon is an example of an incredible SCN success story. Dan now has 13+ years with the…

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By Jim Guerrera / December 28, 2020

SCN – Team Talk – Stacey

The story of SCN’s Stacey Bernson is an incredible one. She’s lived a life focused on providing great…

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By Jim Guerrera / December 4, 2020

SCN – Insight – Jon Jacobs

SCN’s Jim Guerrera had a nice conversation with Jon Jacobs, Vice President, Business Development with Wildcat Discovery Technologies.…

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