Clear and Concise


First 3

  1. Specification of your opening(s)
  2. Specification of your Search Options
  3. Consultation for the search

Then 5

  1. Identify and Contact Target Candidates
  2. Present ‘Best-Fit’ Candidates
  3. Coordinate and Manage Interview Process
  4. Close and On-Board ‘Best-Fit’ Candidates
  5. Follow-Up and Communication


Defined as not just the way we think, but the way we think, feel, and do everything in our lives. Attitude is everything as it relates to success or failure in business. A great attitude is the starting point towards the achievement of individual and collective goals in an organization. Attitude is everything!

Best-Fit Candidate

In a Search, the Best-Fit Candidate is the candidate that can do the job, and is someone who most closely matches the client’s ideal candidate, but at the same time, is motivated for the career offering of the client’s (C-L-A-M-P-S).

There may be an ideal candidate for a position based on the client’s specification, but the ideal candidate is not motivated for the offering based on the client’s C-L-A-M-P-S, so the search moves to the Best-Fit candidate, one that closes matches the ideal candidate, but is also ready to say “yes” to the client offering.


A professional with experience in the industry and specialization areas of our firm. We look to build deep relationships with solid candidates. People that not only can do the work, but also want to do the work. There's truly a difference.


An acronym for the primary reasons a candidate is looking for a new opportunity. A candidate is looking to improve these areas: Challenge, Location, Advancement, Money, People (Company Working Environment / Culture), Stability.


A company that is truly interested in hiring great talent. Clients are true partners, who do not settle for a numbers game, or a faceless automated system. Our clients understand the demanding realities of a quality search and invest upfront time with us, sharing the details of what is needed, and what is wanted.


  • Client Perspective - A headhunter is a person who sends you sanitized resumes with little or no extra information other than the typical 4-5 bullet points.
  • Candidate perspective - A headhunter is a person who calls you, never follows up, and perhaps even goes so far as to send out your resume and information without consulting with you first to get your permission.

Oval Approach

Oval Approach Symbol
An Attitude
  • A relentless approach towards the successful completion of a search
Continuous Communication
  • Internally with Search Team
  • Externally with Candidates
  • Externally with Clients

Priority Search

Priority Search Oval

The SCN Priority Search is a full court press to quickly and efficiently bring you a short list of ‘best fit’ candidates. Along with your Search Consultant, we engage additional resources including our SCN Research Group and a dedicated Recruiting Specialist to expedite the process. Additionally, we actively pursue passive candidates, and provide an extended candidate guarantee period. At the end of the assignment you will receive a confidential SCN Priority Search Report. Please call SCN to learn more about our Priority Search and the contents of your confidential report.

SCN Candidate Partnership Agreement

If you are truly an exceptional professional in the industries we serve, you may very well qualify for the SCN Candidate Partnership Agreement, a unique and customized approach to assist you in landing a rewarding new career opportunity. Please contact one of our professional Search Consultants for more detailed information on this highly regarded and highly successful approach to candidate placement.

SCN Manager of Priority and Retained Research

An individual that heads up our research efforts for positions that are specified as either a Priority Search or a Retained Search. This individual oversees multiple research assignments, and coordinates high volume research efforts for SCN Search Consultants and SCN Recruiting Specialists.

SCN Recruiting Specialist

An individual focused primarily in the recruitment of passive and poised candidates within specific industries, that are then supplied to SCN Search Consultants. Recruiting Specialists also get involved with Business Development under the supervision of a Search Consultant.

SCN Search Consultant

A businessperson employed by SCN that is your primary point of contact in providing SCN Search Consulting Services. SCN Search Consultants are specialists, tightly focused within specific industries. Because our Search Consultants are businesspeople first, they help clients save time and money through the utilization of our Oval Approach®, and our 3&5 Search Process. SCN Search Consultants work on teams that enable them to leverage multiple resources which lead to total client solutions.

Search Consulting

The greatest level of service possible available to a company with the recruitment of high impact talent into their organization. It is a solutions based and value added approach that saves companies time and money when compared to traditional third party recruiting and headhunting.


Starting a search assignment with accurate, client-confirmed information, preparing us to perform the search in an efficient, agile manner. Without accuracy, submittals can be erroneous. Without timely submittals, accuracy is irrelevant.

The importance of truly listening, and understanding your wants and needs, cannot be overstated.