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I had a nice conversation with Matt Hoffman regarding changes in the vehicle industry from the pandemic.

Here’s what Matt shared, “There are 5 areas of business highlighted from the pandemic”.

And here are the details of what he shared.

  1. Leadership exposure – either strong or adaptable
  2. Selfish interests – destroy teamwork and collaboration
  3. Task-based work – not as much innovation
  4. Short-term survival business environment – driving to the lowest common denominator
  5. Fear – forced to act and the choice is ours

It will be interesting to how businesses adapt after the pandemic is over and if there ever will be a movement back to pre-pandemic business life.

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Judy Schuetz

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Judy Schuetz

Judy Schuetz joined SCN as a Search Consultant and Practice Leader of Quality in 2017. Judy’s primary focus is consulting with clients and placing candidates within the Quality space, from entry level up through the Exe...

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