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Manufacturing Core Value – Voice of the Customer

I had the pleasure of speaking with Lee Arrowood recently regarding quality in the manufacturing workplace.

He offered some insight, “I often see businesses that are struggling in today’s economy that were previously highly successful.  When I speak with the business leaders, in most cases, I find that they have gotten away from a core value, Voice Of the Customer.  I can’t stress how important that this is today and into the future.  The only reason we have a business is to serve our customers.  Don’t lose sight of the true goal of the business.”

He continued, “A manufacturing organization builds products for other companies.  They are a service provider.  They want to grow the revenue quickly so they have eliminated the practice of running a small initial qualification build prior to mass production.  Instead, they go directly to mass production unless the customer would like to pay for a small prototype build.  Their business is suffering and they cannot understand why.  The sales team brings in many new customers each year, but none of them continue to do business after the initial one or two shipments.  Upon discussion with consultants and then with those previous short-term customers, they find that the company policy of running full production on the first build rather than running a small qualification build is resulting in numerous product defects.  That initial build should be used to refine their internal build processes so the customer gets highest quality products.  The decision to skip the qualification build had a profound negative effect on the customers.”

It is clear that Lee at least partially subscribes to the philosophy that, “The customer is always right!”

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