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Susan - Insight - MOSFET
Trends in Power Electronics
Susan Perris recently had a conversation with Jim Lund, an experience Electrical Engineer, about trends ...
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Fred - Insight - Purchasing
Purchasing and Supply Chain – Dual Sourcing to Overcome Coronavirus Challenges
I spoke recently with Doug Huffine who has experience as a Senior Sourcing Manager at ...
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New EU, Regulations, Will Require More Investment/Accountability for Sellers.
Brendan Moriarty recently caught up with Electronics Hardware OEM Director of Engineering Chris Novak who ...
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Samson - Automation Insight
Automation – The Future
Samson Kakos, SCN Practice Leader for Software and Technology Positions in the Automation Technologies space, ...
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Judy - Quality Insight
Manufacturing – Engagement at the Production Team level and Quality at the Source (QAS).
Keith Belevender, Global Director of Quality, shared some excellent insight regarding “Quality at the Source” ...
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JS - Market
Vehicles – Adjusting to Market Changes
Joe Greco, Quality and Commercial Manager with Cleveland Cliffs, shared some interesting insight with Judy ...
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Susan - 5G
Vehicle Electronics – 5G
Susan Perris, SCN Practice Leader for Vehicle Electronics, discovered some interesting insight from Sajjad Abazari, ...
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JM - Insight - Genz
Manufacturing – Managing the Future Generations
Industry veteran Edward Jaeck who has excellent experience working for companies such as Lowell, Inc., ...
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Matt - Insight Manufacturing
Manufacturing – Statistical Process Control
Matt Hannah received some insight from Mihir Patel, an extremely well-versed manufacturing professional. According to ...
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Judy - Insight Quote
Vehicles – Adjusting to Market Changes
Joe Greco, Quality and Commercial Manager with Cleveland Cliffs, shared some interesting insight with Judy ...
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Susan - Insight Manu
Vehicles – Electronic Tier Suppliers
Ross Snyder shared some insight with Susan Perris regarding the electronics manufacturing space. He stated, ...
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Susan - Display Insight
Vehicles – Displays
Susan Perris had an excellent conversation with Antonio Venegas recently regarding the trends with displays ...
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Justin - Insight -March
Manufacturing – Trends in Technology
Justin Misaras had a nice conversation with Steve Gutman, an industry veteran having experiences working ...
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Gene - Rivian
Ramping up at Rivian
Gene Brady went for a tour of the HQ of Rivian Automotive, an American electric ...
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Dan - Insight Protection
Industrial Manufacturing – Fall Protection
Matt Proctor, VP of Sales and Marketing for Fall Protection systems, shared some terrific insight ...
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Vehicle Manufacturing – The Future of Machining
Drew Stoutenburg had a nice conversation with Gary Christoson regarding machining in the future transportation ...
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Software Sector – Importance of Hardware
Samson Kakos had a nice conversation recently with Research Engineer Jiajun Duan regarding insight and ...
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Automation – Mobile Robots
Gregg Arneson had a nice conversation with Nicholas Temple regarding the mobile robotics space. According ...
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Dennis - Information Technology
Information Technology Sector – Importance of IT
Dennis Dean had the pleasure of speaking with Tim Unti, Senior Enterprise Account Executive at ...
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Fred Insight - Corona Virus
Vehicle Purchasing – China, Corona Virus
Fred Heegan reports that North American based Automotive Purchasing Managers and Directors all have quickly ...
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Dan Insight - Dry Ice Blasting
Dry Ice Blasting
Jamie Thompson, owner of Excel Dry Ice Blasting, shared some interesting insight with Dan Ramon ...
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Stacey Insight - Infotainment
Vehicles – Detroit is becoming the Silicon Valley of the Midwest
Stacey Bernson had an interesting discussion with Robert Wolf, Global Program Manager with Aptiv recently ...
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Matt - Manufacturing
Manufacturing – Pick by Light Systems
Mihir Patel shared some interesting thoughts with Matt Hannah during a recent conversation regarding the ...
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Samson - Software
Software Sector – Importance of Continuously Improving Skills
Samson Kakos had the pleasure of speaking with Don Wilde, Principal Engineer at Star Drive ...
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Susan - Insight Connectors
Vehicle Electronics – Connectors
Susan Perris recently spoke with Greg Pratt, a 25 year veteran in the connector space, ...
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Judy Insight - Quality
Vehicles – Quality
Judy (Frye) Schuetz had a nice conversation with Gene Rodriguez regarding the Vision, Mission, an ...
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Stacey - Insight
Vehicle OEM Sales – Strategy
Stacey Bernson had a nice conversation with Mark Spindler, Vice President of Sales KERN-LIEBERS regarding ...
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Brendan - Consumer Insight
Consumer Electronics – Piezoelectric applications in Active Noise Cancellation
Brendan Moriarty recently connected with Suraj Raval Graduate Research Assistant in the Mechanical Engineering Department ...
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Justin - Metalworking
Industrial Manufacturing – Industrial Magnets
Justin Misaras had a nice conversation with Kevin Beckerdite, Product Manager with Walker Magnetics Group. ...
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Judy - Quality Control
Manufacturing Teamwork – Quality and Production
Judy (Frye) Schuetz gained some interesting insight from Dennis B Murphy, a Quality Engineer with ...
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Susan - Electronics
Vehicles – Actuators
Susan Perris has some interesting insight to share from the “Markets and Markets” report in ...
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Justin - Metalworking
Manufacturing Insight – High Precision Manufacturing
Justin Misaras had a nice conversation with David Eizelman, most recently the President of KYOCERA ...
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Matt - Logistics
Advances in Commercial Vehicle Technology – Camera Systems and Steering Aids
Matt Hannah had a nice conversation with Jaimit Aggarwal of Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC ...
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Dan - Safety
Industrial Manufacturing – Safety
Denny Doyle, QSSP, National Sales Manager with Edge Eyewear, shared some interesting insight with Dan ...
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Brendan - Consumer
Electronics – The Drive for Innovation in Human Machine Interfaces (HMI)
Brendan Moriarty had a nice conversation with Steve Stanley of Sateco Group regarding precision silicone ...
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Susan - Infotainment
Vehicle Electronics – ADAS
Susan Perris had a nice conversation with Tameru Addis, a hardware engineer with ZF Group ...
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Dan - Industrial
USA Manufacturing – Industry Insight
Brian Krebs with Vallen, offered some excellent insight regarding their place in the manufacturing world. ...
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Justin - Metalworking
Machine Tools – Market Insight
Justin Misaras had the pleasure of speaking with Arnold Latzke, National Sales Manager with Pioneer ...
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Stacey - Hybrid
Vehicles – EVs and HEVs
Derek Ochodnicky with KERN-LIEBERS shared some interesting insight with Stacey Bernson Bernson regarding the disruption ...
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Dan - Industrial
Safety – Gloves
Dan Ramón had a nice conversation with Joe Geng, Vice President with Superior Glove regarding ...
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Drew - Manufacturing
PPG Industries – A Prominent Global Manufacturing Company
A company that is well positioned for the future is PPG Industries. Matt Kinsinger shared ...
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Matt - Automotive
Data Analytic Methods – Gage R&R
Avinash Malavalli shared some interesting insight with Matt Hannah regarding Data Analytic Methods that help ...
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Global Supply Chain Discussion with John Begg
Manufacturing – Global Supply Chain Discussion with John Begg Jim Guerrera discussion with John Begg, Director of a Global Supply Chain organization. John ...
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SCN - Dale Glubrecht interview with Executive Director Gene Brady
SCN – Dale Glubrecht interview with Executive Director Gene Brady Executive Director Gene Brady had an interesting conversation with Dale Glubrecht on the state ...
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