Who We Are - In A Nutshell


We are a group of successful business professionals with a passion for Search Consulting.

Our purpose as a firm is to help our clients get what they need while having them feel good about the service we provide and about themselves during the hiring process. It is imperative for us that every business relationship that we engage in is built upon a value proposition that is unique and different in a good way. 

We pride ourselves on leveraging our network that has been built over the years, one conversation at a time, one relationship after the next.

Our Practice Leader specialization enables us to develop these lasting relationships, and become a network unmatched in the industries we serve. Our network enables us to deliver Quality Candidates Quickly (QCQ) and we take on an assignment, there is a strong possibility that we already know who or what you are looking for!

We focus on placing industry professionals with leading companies that Manufacture or Produce Engineered Products in six specific sectors:


Automation Technologies

Automotive & Other Vehicles

Consumer Electronics

Industrial Products

Medical Device