Our Client Specialty

Our Client Specialty is Search Consulting for Manager, Director and Vice President Level Positions within Aerospace,  Automation Technologies, Automotive & Other Vehicles, Industrial Products, Consumer Electronics, and Medical Device Sectors.




A company is only as good as its leadership, almost “cliché”, but definitely true.

Executives set the strategy, and front line Managers are in the trenches, driving the execution, doing whatever it takes to make results happen on a daily basis.

Because of the critical nature of these roles in an organization, Executives and Managers have the greatest impact on the bottom line.





The biggest mistake that companies make in search, is choosing the wrong search strategy for Executive and Manager positions. These search strategy mistakes include:

• Promoting from within (because that is policy) even if the individual is not qualified or capable
• Rely solely on networking
• Use a traditional headhunting approach, with multiple headhunters engaged at the same time
• Treat an external search with a third party firm, just the same as a search for an individual contributor position
• Use an Executive Retained Search firm, thinking that by brand name alone, they will deliver the desired candidate for the position

The SCN Solution

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The absolute best return on your invested search consulting dollar, for recruitment of a Manager or Executive, is with the SCN Priority search . It is a unique and customized approach that is tailor made for your Manager, Director, and Vice President Searches.

Simple Logic

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Individual Contributor Position = Traditional Contingency Search

Manager, Director, Vice President = SCN Priority search

President, CEO, Board of Director Member = SCN Executive Search 


Please call to learn more about our value approach with the search for your next Manager or Executive.