OUR CANDIDATE – A professional with experience in the industry and specialization areas of our firm. We look to build deep relationships with solid candidates. People that not only can do the work, but also want to do the work. There's truly a difference.

You are:

• Looking for a career enhancing opportunity that will provide you the Challenge, Location, Advancement, Money, People, and Security (C-L-A-M-P-S) that you desire.

You have experienced:

• “Headhunters”. A headhunter is a person who calls you, never follows up, and perhaps even goes so far as to send out your resume and information without consulting with you first to get your permission.

You want:

• Someone who can confidentially introduce you to companies that can benefit from your Skills, Background, and Individual Characteristics.



You will experience a difference with SCN:

• Our primary goal is to match your career needs and qualifications as a candidate with the needs and offerings of our clients.
• Once we receive your professional resume and SCN Candidate Data Sheet, one of our Search Professionals will personally interview you either in person or over the phone.
• We then play a critical role in presenting your background to our clients, assisting with the interview process, and ultimately placing you in a career enhancing opportunity

SCN Candidate Partnership Agreement

If you are truly an exceptional professional in the three industries we serve, you may very well qualify for the SCN Candidate Partnership Agreement, a unique and customized approach to assist you in landing a rewarding career opportunity. Please contact one of our professional Search Consultants for more detailed information on this highly regarded and highly successful approach to candidate placement. There are phenomenal opportunities out there! Let's partner together and find one for you!

Candidate Resources

• SCN Candidate Partnership Agreement
• Candidate Data Sheets
• Background Check Forms
• Reference Check Forms
• Resume Preparation Guidelines
• Interview Preparation Guidelines
• Counter Offer Facts
• Complaints of Hiring Authorities
• Selec Sys Behavior Profile
• FAS Relocation Assistance

Smith Barney Financial Consulting

• 401K Rollovers
• Business Planning
• Estate Planning
• Family Assistance
• Financial Independence
• Marriage, Divorce, Disability, or Birth
• Protection Issues
• Relocation and Mortgage
• Retirement Planning 
• Student Loans or College Funding