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Dan Ramon joined SCN as a Recruiting Specialist in February 2008, and was promoted to Sr. Recruiting Specialist in 2011. He is also the Practice Leader for Industrial Sales and Technical Positions.

Dan’s primary focus is the recruitment of candidates within the Industrial Products Sector. He focuses primarily on recruiting sales, manufacturing, and engineering candidates on a global basis and he does handle key client contact as well. Dan is truly committed to doing whatever it takes to offer the highest level of service that is possible and he has developed a great reputation in placing successful candidates that have made an immediate impact for his client organizations.

Prior to joining SCN, Dan held the position of Customer Liaison for Pierce Bros.

Dan is married with four children and makes his home in Southeastern MI. He is currently taking Theology courses and is a leader at his church. On his spare time he teaches classes, enjoys reading, writing and spending time with his family. He is a major Detroit Tigers fan as he grew up watching them and listening to ballgames on the radio.

Significant Accomplishments as a Recruiting Specialist:

  • MRI Pacesetter: 2014, 2017
  • MRI Regional Top 5 Award: 2011
  • SC Worldwide Division of MRI, Ranked #1: December 2015
  • SC Worldwide Division of MRI, Top 10 Ranking: January 2015

Dan Ramon
Practice Leader - Industrial Sales & Technical

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